Wednesday, 31 December 2008

was offered a transfer to another dept by head of the dept. I had skyped him today to agreed on the transfer. However, was surprised when he asked to talk to me personally. He explained the reason why he offered me the transfer... He mentioned that he had received feedback that my technical background is not good and etc ..... corrected him that I am learning and also that there was no proper guideline in the job process... however, I dont think he understand or even want to understand. I know where he got the feedback from... never mind, as I am sick and tired of the whole situation also.. seeing all the seniors going for short break every now and then and ppl playing games in the pantry instead of being around to manage the floor.... unbelievable !!

It is no better in the other team also as I had heard lots of stories abt their manager.. whatever, i just need a job now and will think and plan the rest later...

last day of 2008

today is last day of the year and I am still in office working until 10.45pm.. hopefully not much of traffic on the road.... so much had happen over the year .... people that are close and dear to me had left (still missed them a lot), incidents and accidents had happen all over the world and in malaysia.... Hope these accidents do not happen again for a very very very very long time !!

What have I achieved this year... managed to go holiday 3 times this year... Langkawi, Vientiane and also to Batam. I need to be more patient with my mom, my grandma and also my family members. They are closed to my heart but I dont think they realised it and taking it for granted.... And yes, hopefully my dream to own an apartment will become true ! And yes, I managed to drive my own car. Am so happy with my own achievement !!!

Glad I had a bunch of sisters that I can share my sorrows and happiness.. althou they are far away but I love them alot.....

Work wise... it was good until 31st August 2008... thereafter am still finding a perfect job... am looking for backend operations jobs... keeping my finger crossed !!

Year 2009 is few hours away... sad to say goodbye to year 2008 but it has to be done. Goodbye Year 2008 and welcome year 2009 !!!

Hopefully my Year 2009 will be better and more fulfilling... My plans for year 2009, to take up a course and continue my Japanese language courses! find my prince charming (still a dream), and also start up my own business (have not had the courage yet and also no capital lo !!) ......:0(

Monday, 29 December 2008

yummy food at PD

Had went to this Pak Lang Kopi Tiam at PD few months ago, however, the impression was not good. We ordered curry mee and it was bland and not spicy at all (reminded me of the curry mee served in school canteen).... My aunt bought me again to this kopi tiam few weeks ago to taste the French Toast and Roti sambal... and yes! it was good..... especially the french toast, it was fluffy and crunchy.... crunchy french toast served with kaya !! yummy lo !

Batam Island

Was in Batam on 20th and 21st December for a spa holiday. Was wondering what to eat for dinner until we chance upon a restaurant selling ayam penyet. I had tested the dish in PJ but does not find the dish interesting. We had ordered ayam penyet, soto ayam and gado gado. The chili was good as well as the ayam penyet. However, the soto ayam and gado gado are bland.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

two zero zero eight going off soon ~~~

Another 5 days and we will be in year 2009... new year and new beginings !!

not for me thou.... just realised that next month, i will be working six days in a row starting from 05Jan.... feeling very frustrated now... need to speak to TM next week when he is back, otherwise will go to higher management to make noise... am sick and tired of such situations...