Sunday, 15 March 2009

~ Dragonball Evolution ~

Watched the movie last week. Free ticket as my bro managed to exchanged 2 tickets courtesy of China Press.... Nothing exceptional about the movie, weak plot and story line but the presence of Fatt-gor saved the movie.

Something worth mentioning was the action taken by relevant authorities to curb piracy. None of the audiences was allowed to bring in the HP !!! All HP must be deposited at the counter set up near the entrance and Rela personnel were around to check and scan all bags... Like the idea but after deposited the
HP, realised am not able to check the time, no HP no time lo ... :)))))

Saturday, 14 March 2009

mid march 2009

attended 3 interviews this week, 1st was near office... but was advd that i do not have the necessary experience and is not suitable for the position ... 'wtf'... it was stated clearly in the cv..... thank god, the interview was after work and i did not waste my AL for this !!

second was an internal interview, which i think goes on very well (keeping my finger crossed)... it is something i have done previously ... with this new position, i will be doing more analysis and strategic thinking, which was what i wanna do ~ instead of just taking calls...

last interview was for a call centre.... i think it goes well too although i think i may have blow my chances away, coz one of the interviewer asked if i will hve any issue reporting to someone younger and i answered by asking him another questions... well, life is never perfect and as usual, i try to act smart at an unsuitable timing .....

life goes on .........................