Friday, 22 August 2014

FiRsT pOsTiNgs iN yEaR 2014

Oh gosh, just realized I had abandoned my personal blog for 3 years. Rediscovered today as I was stalking and was clicking on links to read other blog and found myself “- -“

Oh well, 3 years has passed and my achievement so far … zero ! still not enuff $$, no bf but lucky got a house which I shared with my bro. Thank god, we bought this property as we could not afford now as all properties price has gone up to RM350k and above !!!  

For my personal wellbeing, early January went to Langkawi with BFF… happy with the trip, no rushing around, laze around, makan, massage .. I missed this already.  Went to Kluang to visit Jessy… and then to Singapore to visit Joyzie and bb…..

At home, this year mummy was admitted for 3 times, 1st two times was for medical checkup as she is having difficulties to pass motion. Doctor has done all the necessary scans and her body was fine. She was admitted again at the end of May due to gallbladder infection. Discharged after 8 days. Admitted again to remove the gallbladder before Hari Raya holidays. May need to go for another surgery for her knee cap replacement but depends on the welfare as her insurance card does not cover her left leg anymore.

Work wise, more responsibilities and was given some perks to enjoy and an incentive trip in year 2013 organised by the 1st dealership we got. But it is still tiring as I managed two svc ctr with the help of the senior technicians. Encountered lots of problems with staffs being lack of initiative, discipline and sense of urgency.  Trying very hard to train and improve their working attitude but I think I prefer talking to the wall now!!

That’s my life summary for the past 1.5 years….. 

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